The Collector Part 2: My Room Is A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

So I have a lot of stuff. No big deal. So I’m a total nerd. Who cares? So I’m practically swimming in books, collectibles and memorabilia. It’s my life and my bedroom.

My only concern is, when I decide to move out (hopefully sooner rather than later), it’s going to be one heck of a job to move everything.

So, a week or two ago (really ten days, but who’s counting) I wrote up (with lots of pictures) a post confessing my unconditional love for Superman, while also showing off all of the cool stuff of the Man of Steel that I’ve acquired over my short years on this planet. Today, I switch gears (though not entirely, as it’s still nerdy) and want to talk to you about the second biggest love of my life.

Star Wars.

I guess I should start this post then, as there are a ton of photos to be seen, with a picture of where it all began. 1977 saw the release of Star Wars (fifteen years before I was born), but I am as big a fan as the greatest Star Wars lovers. Here are my copies of the original VHS release of the Original Trilogy (which I inherited from my parents), along with all the versions of all six movies I have (I have several versions of each film).

I don’t really know when I first fell in love with Star Wars because I do not remember the first time that I had the privilege of watching it. I spent many evenings of my childhood watching over and over and over again Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo battle and eventually defeat Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine and the Empire. There’s something unexplainable about the vision of Star Wars and the realms of infinite possibilities that you imagination can take you. I love everything Star Wars, and after seeing the movies countless times, I needed more.

I guess it’s good for me, then, as well as any Star Wars fan, that there are so many Star Wars novels in publication. I have a fairly sizeable collection (about 120 books), but I’d like to eventually get them all. I’m actually close because I think there are around 140 right now. The books that are circled on this shelf are my Star Wars novels.

Apart from novels, there are hundreds of comic books, of which I also have a nice sized collection.

And, of course, movie companions, behind the scenes books, encyclopaedias, and more.

When I was younger I loved to play with LEGO – who am I kidding? I still love it. Star Wars LEGO, naturally, was always my favourite, and I’m so glad I still have all of my sets (so that I can display them).


A few of them, the larger ones like my 4 foot long Super Star Destroyer, I acquired in recent years – they were just too expensive for either myself or my parents to afford them back them. Once I started working though, I’ve found all sorts of intriguing ways to make my money disappear on all kinds of fascinating things like these.

I’ve also got hundreds of old trading cards, lots of shirts and even more figurines, but I figured this is enough photos for one post. Thanks for bearing with me.

For a huge fan like me, it’s really hard to express just how much Star Wars means to me and just how much it has affected my life. I feel like George Lucas is a brilliant man with a wonderful vision, and he really knows how to make a good movie. There is definitely something wondrous about the Star Wars galaxy. Star Wars is celebrating its 35th Anniversary this year, and I hope to see it around for the next 35 years. I’m a little weary, but excited, to see where Disney will take Star Wars, but there is no doubt I shall remain a fan for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful to George Lucas, who really did add value to my life.

Well that was me nerding out, again. Get used to it. This is only the beginning.

I have one final photo, because any Star Wars collection just wouldn’t be complete without it.

So is there anyone else who is as big a mega-fan of Star Wars as I am? Before you say yes, I should warn you that I am as bad (or good?) as the guys in the movie Fanboys – which is awesome and everyone should watch it!

Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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16 thoughts on “The Collector Part 2: My Room Is A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

  1. I LOVE your Lego Star Wars collection! You are quite the collector. Loved seeing all the Star Wars memorabilia.

    • Thanks! A lot of it is mine and sister’s from when we were kids, so I’ve got a ton of great memories to go along with them as well. They mean so much than just a display to me! 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. There's a frog on my Sprocket!

    The Star Wars book collection is absolutely amazing! Just wow.
    It’s cool that they also in house memories, that’s what makes things really special. Thanks for sharing this part of you life!

    • Thanks for reading this part of my life! 🙂 Truly blessed to have great new friends, like you, who always come back to each new post!

      • There's a frog on my Sprocket!

        Of course I love how you write and I care about you…

    • You make me smile! Each time you comment, every blog post I read of yours! Thanks for adding joy to my usually mundane, daily life

  3. I don’t remember having a love child that I put up for adoption…I’ll have to ask my husband if he did! But I think you really belong in OUR family! The Legos…the Star Wars…the Star Wars Legos…It’s eery! 😉 Good post.

    • Well, I’d gladly join your family and then we can buy each other Star Wars LEGO for birthdays hahaha 😉 (mine’s coming up in just shy of a month, so’s you know). Did you recognize any of your sets on my shelf? haha

      • I showed my youngest son your post and he recognized most of them. They had a lot of them, actually. They would have LOVED to have had the big ones, like the Super Star Destroyer thingy had we been able to afford them. We just told them that if they lived a good life and did all the things they should THAT would be their reward in heaven…it doesn’t hurt to give them incentives. 😉 My son thinks you are padding your retirement with a collection like that, by the way.

        • I know I wish my family could have afforded them. I bought the Super Star Destroyer for myself just last year because I spent all summer saving for university tuition and when I paid for my school I had some money left over and said…I need to buy myself something nice hahaha Naturally, this was it. It took my three days to build and when I finished I instantly said…I wish I had this as a kid!!!! Haha

  4. Yup, I had those same VHS copies of the original trilogy as well.

    • I’m so glad my parents kept them and passed them on to me! I didn’t even know my parents had them until my dad dug them out from the basement about three years ago. I wonder what else is buried down there…..

  5. Maggie

    I love it! When my brother and I were younger, we used to have all these Star Wars action figures, but after we played with them so much, they were in no shape to be collectors’ items!

    • Yeah, but those are the best. For sentimental reasons. And I’m an avid collector but not a very ‘good’ collector because I take everything out of the box anyway. I want to see what the figure inside looks like. Even if I buy something nowadays, I rip open the packaging and take it out. I’m not concerned with how much value it has and I don’t care if fifty years from now I “could have” sold it for lots of money if I didn’t open it. haha I don’t buy to collect them all so I can say: “Look how much its worth”, I buy and collect so I can display them and say: “Look how cool that is!” haha thanks for reading

  6. Another impressive collection Will, you certainly are an avid collector – you are going to have to create your own memorabilia museums and then charge people to come and take a look at them. I’ve just decided that I want all of the Judge Dredd stories, so I’ve treated myself to the first Judge Dredd Case Files. I won’t be getting any Judge Dredd Pez Dispensers like the awesome Pez ones in your collection (I seriously would get one though if they did them and amusingly some guy commented that in the new Dredd film, Karl Urban’s Dredd looks like a giant Pez Dispenser!) There are 20 volumes to date of the Judge Dredd Case Files and each one is the thickness of a telephone book, so storage will be an issue that will have to be dealt with. Keep collecting son, if you’ve got the space for it all then might as well fill it with what you love!

    • I agree! Thanks! And even if you don’t have the space for it, you can always find just a little bit more. I love collecting and nerdy stuff. It’s awesome! Love hearing from you!

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