Day 11 – It’s Way Too Late To Make A Witty Title

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Before I begin this post, I just really feel like I should mention Remembrance Day in some way. I’m such a huge history buff and one of my favourite area of studies is World War II. It fascinates and disgusts me at the same time, but I can’t stop learning about it. I think there are so many interesting stories that should not be forgotten, and so many brave people that should always be remembered.

I had a great uncle who fought in World War II. He actually was part of the Canadian Forces team that landed at Juno Beach in Normandy, France on D-Day, and was one of the lucky few who survived that brutal siege of German occupied France.

I really don’t believe that anything should have to come to war, but sometimes war cannot be avoided. When it comes to that, we definitely have to thank everyone, not just in our military, but in every military fighting for freedom. The World Wars weren’t won by one country, they were won by an alliance of countries, which is important to note, too.

I am so thankful that there are such brave men and women out there who put their lives on the line for us. For me, they have the toughest yet most commendable job out there. Without them during the wars, I think the world would be a very different place. I just think it’s a privilege to live in a place like Canada. I hope you can feel the same way about your country as well.

So again, I just think we should all remember to take some time to think about just what Remembrance Day means and the importance it has for our history and our future. I am so thankful for the men and women who have served, are serving and will serve my country because it’s a job I don’t think I’d be able to do.

Also, in Canada, we have some really cool coins for Remembrance Day and the military. I collect coins (go figure), so I have them all and know a lot about them. My absolute favourite coin of all time is a military coin, recognizing the 65th Anniversary of the end of World War II. It was released into circulation in November of 2010, and the moment I saw it I fell in love. The coin is stunningly beautiful, and what’s so great about it is it is a circulating coin so you can actually find it in your change every once in a while. I have so many of them, and here is a picture of what the stunning coins look like:

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Well it is Remembrance Day, but it is also November 11th. That means only nineteen more days of NaNoWriMo. I hadn’t updated my word count all weekend, so I did today. Over 20k, woo-hoo! And I can still get some more words in today, so that should be good.

My novel is going places I never thought it would, and my original mental outline has been flushed and now I’m just writing off the seat of my pants. I’ll let you know in December how well that worked out for me.

It’s kind of fun, though, when you’re discovering the story as you write it. Sometimes I know exactly what is going to happen and other times I don’t, so it’s a toss-up, but an ‘oh so fun’ toss-up. It’s kind of like life, in a way; there’s always a little bit of mystery.

Well, I mentioned that last post was my 50th post since I started this blog, almost a month ago. I can tell you that it’s been a real exciting month. It’s definitely given me some new confidence in my writing, and it’s been so great to be able to share some of my writing and some of my life story with others. And it kick started my writing again. For the last few months I hadn’t written much, but now the creative juices are flowing once again and I am ready to go. I just want to write. I’ve been thinking of all my old novels, and thinking about new ones I have yet to write. It’s given me so much satisfaction and it’s great. They say the average male (or is it teenage male, I forget) thinks about sex every eight seconds. I definitely do not…… 😉 Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m thinking about writing every eight seconds, and sometimes more frequently. But not in the same way I think about sex, mind.

Well now that I’ve written about writing, it’s time to get back to writing my novel for NaNoWriMo. I also wrote about sex, but that will not be in my NaNo novel. That’s about all I’ve got to say for this evening.

I hope I didn’t get you all hot and bothered (because I usually have that effect…..?? Yeah, no).

Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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6 thoughts on “Day 11 – It’s Way Too Late To Make A Witty Title

  1. We celebrated Veteran’s Day on Sunday (does every country celebrate Nov. 11?) and though I’m a vet, I feel almost embarrassed by my veteran status as it was not during war time, unless you count the last decades of the Cold War. When my grandson asked about our vet experience I could tell him we were spies, but I don’t feel I was required to give up much.

    These vets coming home (and still in Afghanistan!) have given so much. The wars in the east need to end now. Perhaps we can have all troops around the world home for World Peace Day, or the International Day of Peace. Wouldn’t that be beautiful, to have our soldiers back home?

    • I’m in Canada and we celebrate on Nov. 11th. Afraid I can’t speak for other countries. Yes, I absolutely agree that all our soldiers (American, Canadian, British, whoever) need to come home from the East. I know they are making progress, but it seems too slow to be worth the price being paid. I can’t imagine what the men fighting over there, some of them as young as I am, are going through. On top of the horrors out there, it seems like so many are coming home with PTS and it really is saddening that, for those who get the disorder, are still facing terrors when they come back home. That doesn’t seem like it’s worth it.
      As for yourself, please don’t feel embarrassed. Being a vet is not about how many combat missions you went on, how many people you saved or whatever. It’s about joining the military for the purpose of wanting to serve your country (America, correct?). Canada and America have been longtime allies and our soldiers have fought together through nearly every war of the last century. Just being a part of the military means that you were willing to fight for your country. Not only your country, but your country’s allies, like Canada, as well. Being brave enough to be a part of the military and being willing to fight if it ever came to that (thank God for you that it didn’t) constitutes being a vet. That’s good enough for me, and I respect you just as much as I respect any Canadian soldier.
      You’ve done a service that I could probably never do willingly, and for that, I salute you.
      Thank you so much for the comment and sharing a bit of your story.

      • Thank you for your kind comments. I feel a little more proud to be a vet. I’ll keep your words in my mind when I question my service to (yes it is) the US. Plus, maybe when I’m really old my great grand kids will think being a spy during the Cold War was exciting.

    • Oh, they definitely will! Who wouldn’t? They’d be so proud of grandpa! “My Grandpa’s a spy!” haha 🙂

  2. You said: ‘It’s kind of fun, though, when you’re discovering the story as you write it. Sometimes I know exactly what is going to happen and other times I don’t, so it’s a toss-up, but an ‘oh so fun’ toss-up. It’s kind of like life, in a way; there’s always a little bit of mystery.”

    THAT is the one of the best parts of writing for me, as well, when the stories seem to write themselves. 🙂

    • I definitely feel the same way. It’s times like that when i really feel like a writer, and that what I’m writing is genuinely worth reading. Me and planning novels don’t go so well together! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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