Day 10 – A Winter Wonderland

Well, it definitely is a winter wonderland here in Saskatoon. We got around 15 cm of snow overnight, with a warning for 15-25 more this afternoon and evening. Here’s a picture of my back yard.

And here are a couple of my front yard. That sexy, red car is mine. I’m sure if you can see it though, but the snow on the street is pretty much up to the bottom of my car. Not sure how I’ll manage driving.

Which is okay, because today seems like a wonderful day for just staying at home, making some hot coco and writing for NaNoWriMo, doesn’t it?

Too bad I work for ten hours today, then! Commuting might suck, but I’ll try to make my car manage. I hope I can get some words in tonight, and get back ahead on my word count. That would be nice.

Snow can be fun though. Building snowmen, sledding, making snow forts and having snow ball fights. Those were some of the best times of my childhood. I still act like a child most days, but I’m too lazy lately to actually get out of the house and do anything. Oh well. I’m not to lay to make hot coco – the good, homemade way with warm milk, real cocoa powder and sugar! Yum. It’s much better than the packaged stuff you can buy in the store.

On a final note, for those that don’t know Saskatchewan, we’ve had snow since before Halloween and it’s going to stick around till March, maybe even April. So, if you don’t like winter, don’t ever move here because it’s winter here for six months of the year!

So just thought I’d share those couple pictures with you before I go to work. Does anyone live anywhere where you get lots of snow? Do you love it or hate it? And, what’s your favourite winter activity? FYI, drinking hot coco does not constitute as a real winter activity.

Thanks for reading!

Till Next,



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9 thoughts on “Day 10 – A Winter Wonderland

  1. I love the snow! From a distance–I don’t want to play in it any more, it’s just too cold. Good for you that you love it! I can see the beauty of it in your yard. How much snow accumulates over the average winter?

    • By the time we shovel the sidewalks the piles on the lawn can be well over 6 feet! Sometimes if its really windy, though, as it often is, it blows around a lot and blows off the lawn! So there can be A LOT. We’ve had 2-3 feet of snow in one day before haha my car was parked a work all day and there was about 4 inches of snow on top haha but I like living here! Thanks for reading

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  3. Shauna

    oh wow, you guys got lots! We got a little this morning but then it turned to rain. I think all of the snow is gone now.

  4. I used to like snow a lot. Not now. Here, in Southwest Ohio it was sunny and almost 60 degrees. That’s my kind of November weather. Good luck with driving in that snow and good luck on getting some more words in.

    • Haha Thanks. Sometimes it’d be nice to not have this much snow for nearly half a year…but I’ve lived here all my life so I can’t imagine living somewhere with no snow, or snow for only a short time! Thanks!

  5. I live in North Dakota, so yeah, I know what you’re talking about with the snow! We’ve gotten between 6 to 8 inches this weekend – most of it late Friday night, early Saturday morning. Shoveling, shoveling… but it is certainly beautiful. I wouldn’t mind a little less “beauty” and a little more “Warm, please!” some days, though… 🙂

    • I know what you mean. If it wasn’t so windy and chilling, the snow would be better! I love it most days, but not when it’s -50 haha I think your right below Saskatchewan, if I’m not mistaken. That means we’re like practically neighbours.If North Dakota is as flat as Saskatchewan, maybe if we got on a hill we could see each other! lol Thanks for reading!

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