The Collector Part 1: My Life With Superman

Before I get to the main point of this post, there’s some good news and some bad news I have to share with everyone. None of this pertains to any of you, but hey, we’re on my blog, not yours. So, bad news first: I’ve only written 2,000 words in my NaNoWriMo since Sunday! That’s an average of about 500 words per day. It’s okay, though, everyone. There is no need to panic, and I’ll tell you why. Now we’re on to the good news. I managed to write enough on the weekend that the 2,000 I wrote brought my total up to 14,100. Since today is only the 9th at my location on this planet we call Earth, I need 15,000 words by the end of today. That’s only 900 to get my goal for the day, so you can imagine my excitement when I realized this.

But, wait, it gets better! Today is a Friday so there is no school tomorrow and I don’t even work until 3:00 pm so I don’t have to worry about getting up early. Do you all know what that means? It’s going to be a day of writing furiously, which will probably extend long into the night. So, here’s hoping I can slam out 4-5,000 words this evening! I’m up for the challenge and the excitement (and really, I’ve got nothing else to do tonight anyway).

Well, I got that out of the way, so now to the purpose of this post. Earlier this week there was a comment on my blog about about someone wanting a closer look at my Star Wars memorabilia. I immediately thought that this would be a good idea for a post. I figure posts of my grumbling that I have no edited stories to post are getting rather boring, so I thought I’d post a little more about myself. Actually, I’ve planned a series of posts that will just pop up randomly throughout the next few weeks. I wasn’t sure about how to go about posting about myself, because I never quite know what to say. Then, when I was thinking about that comment, I had a great idea. I’m a very materialistic person…I love all of my stuff, which I think is a great part of my life. That’s when I thought, what a better way of showing you a bit more about me by showing off some of this stuff and demonstrating the types of the things I enjoy – basically, my hobbies and my passions. This is meant to give you a little look into my life and, hopefully, you’ll like what you see.

Now to address this title. My mother always calls me “The Collector”, because I like to collect things and I am never able to get rid of anything – even if it’s toys from my childhood. This may be a mild form of OCD, which is why I pray every night that when I get my own house it will be massive to accommodate all of my crap. Strictly speaking, though, none of this is crap. It’s all wonderful. But back to this collecting business.

I have a confession to make. I believe I’ve got a bit of a man-crush on the Man of Steel. I’ve idolized him for as long as I can remember, but it’s long passed that stage now. It really is an obsession that has become a part of my daily life.

(Image from

So, what better way to start this series of posts than with my favourite obsession, Superman.

I always try to think about this. Why Superman? There was always something fascinating to me about the Last Son of Krypton and how he is an alien from another world, raised on Earth and eventually becomes a superhero. I love many other superheroes, mind, but there is a special place in my nerdy heart reserved just for the Man of Tomorrow (not to mention that Lois Lane is babe). I think it all started with the comics. As a kid, I used to go to the used comic store when they had a $0.25 special on certain comics. Superman’s titles were always part of that special, so I’d take $10 and be able to buy nearly 40 comic books. It was awesome. I think, then, it is easy to see how a healthy interest in comic books led to my passion for trying to collect them all. It quickly turned from a few small stacks of comics into a four-drawer, full-sized filing cabinet madness of nearly 1,000 Superman comic books.

As I grew up reading the comics and watching him on TV, he quickly became an icon of my childhood. I saw him as the coolest thing ever, and I wanted to be him. Now, in kindergarten my wish came true as I dressed up for Superman for Halloween (and for years after I wore that costume nearly every day around the house). This wasn’t enough though, and I wanted to wear Superman all the time. This is where my t-shirts come in.

There are more than twenty others where these came from (not including the ones I’ve out grown), and each one is unique.

Throughout the years I’ve picked up (or been given as presents) anything and everything Superman from lunchboxes, to action figures, books, toothbrushes, collector cards, bubble gum, and the list goes on. When you’re collecting, you don’t realize how much stuff you actually have until you decide to display it on a shelf that runs the width of your bedroom, and you realize that you have filled it so full there’s no room for any new additions. What would such a shelf look like, you ask? Well, how convenient I happen to have one just as I described. Granted there is one little LEGO Batman set and two Wonder Woman figures, but the rest is all Superman.

I’ve also got blankets, pillowcases, pajamas, sweaters, a wallet, and more, but that would mean like a hundred photos and that could get tedious. There is, however, one final thing I would like to touch on. It is the masterpiece of my collection, the pride and joy of my life, the greatest thing I have ever spent money on (don’t even think about calling me a Drama Queen).

What I’m talking about is the coolest thing ever! If you read my post “What’s On Your Bookshelf?” you’ll have already seen this. It is a 1/6 scale figure of Christopher Reeve as Superman. This figure is fairly big, comes in a sweet box (the display behind the figure is the box) and is not just a statue. It’s got something like 23 points of articulation, so you can put him in any pose you want. That just sounded like a sex reference, so I apologize. If you didn’t read that as a sex reference, you definitely will now. Please don’t misunderstand me, though, because I don’t have any kind of fantasies like that about my Superman toys. Really, I just get super excited because they’re super cool. That’s all.

Want a look? Well, take one!

That’s about all I feel was reasonable enough to jam into one post. If you have any comments, please share. If you have a similar collection of any kind, please let me know. Consider posting pictures on your blog and then I’ll definitely check them out because I love this kind of stuff!

What can I say, I’m a nerd.

Well, thanks for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did.

Till Next,


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14 thoughts on “The Collector Part 1: My Life With Superman

  1. LOL this just makes you adorable.

    • I hope that’s an ‘adorable in a sexy kind of way’ and not a ‘oh, it’d be adorable if he was 10, but he’s actually 19’ lol My profs are starting to recognize I wear Superman every day, so they call me Superman haha I don’t think they actually know my name… Thanks for reading!!

  2. Your future wife is going to hate you…just sayin’! 😉 Unless you end up making a crap load of money to buy that ginormous house. Enjoy it while you can! I had a modest Barbie collection and a pretty big license plate collection from my pre-marriage life – both of which I ended up having to sell when my husband and I were first married because we were POOR (I decided having food would be infinitely more satisfying). When you discover collecting is in your blood, it takes GREAT discipline not to let it overtake your house! It’s an addiction. I say that from experience. 🙂

    • I know my girlfriend told me that no girl is going to want to have this stuff in their house and I said, “I’ll put whatever I want in my house!” haha but, at least if I’m ever really poor I have all this stuff which should be worth something! But that requires me to sell it…and I’m not sure if I’d rather have food or my comic books! Honestly, though, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I don’t know where all this stuff came from…my family does not have a lot of money. I basically worked a paper route for four years as a kid, and then I spent my four years of high school working nearly 30 hours a week at Taco Time. Apart from money I’ve spent on tuition for university, it all went into stuff like this. So at least I have something to show for all those years of me working! 🙂

  3. There's a frog on my Sprocket!

    It’s adorable…. In the sexy beast kinda way! I’m an expert on adorable, since I myself am in fact quite adorable.

    I believe there is a girl out there who would understand and want your Superman gear to have its own place in the house for display…. I believe this, just like I believe there is a guy that will someday understand my bicycles sleep inside the house, the special ones have their own place to hang on the wall.

    I am blown away, impressed with the comic book collection. My inner nerd loves comics and I have a few. Nothing like yours, mind you.

    Great post, awesome goodies and nice shirts!


    • HAHAHA Your comments always make me laugh so hard! You have a such a great way of making people smile! It’s awesome! Thanks for reading

      • There's a frog on my Sprocket!

        Thank you glad to brighten days… I was worried about that comment cause you have a girlfriend.
        She has to understand though, I mean as your Profs say your Superman. The ladies can’t resist. ; )
        all in fun and I respect your relationship

      • No don’t be worried. It’s all good. Just a little harmless fun haha I was actually considering making a comment like: “Oh, you like comic books? Well, I don’t mind bicycles in the house.” hahaha
        By the way, the more ladies that can’t resist, the more I smile! 😉 lol

  4. Very impressive collection Will.

    Nothing wrong with being passionate about someone who inspires you, I have similar feelings for Judge Dredd & (The Amazing) Spiderman, I used to collect comics when I was younger but then I got more into kung fu films and that is where my spare cash got ploughed into!

    I always think that I am going to rediscover this part of my life at some point and it will be insanely fun when I do.

    Your posts on NanoWriMo are very entertaining too – I am going to have to participate next year, you have totally convinced me that it is worth a go!

    Keep collecting son – it’s not obsession if you love something very much and want more of it – that’s passion and commitment!


    • I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my posts and I’m glad you can appreciate my collections. As you’ll find out in the coming weeks, Superman is just the tip of the iceberg! haha And please check out NaNoWriMo next year. It’s loads of fun and a great online community, too. This is my seventh year and I’ve loved it every time. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  5. That Christopher Reeves statue is scary accurate. The close up picture nearly looks like a still from one of the movies.

    Awesome collection!

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