Day 8: Sorry NaNoWriMo, But Apparently My Life Can’t Wait

I just got home from French class, my last class of the day, and I really just need to sit down. It’s been such a long week, and I wish it was the weekend, but it’s not. And, it looks like I have a long night of writing ahead of me. NaNoWriMo? Oh no. Apparently, unlike last post, my life cannot wait. I’ve got an essay due tomorrow, so I probably won’t get any writing in. Since Monday, actually, I’ve only written about a thousand words because I’ve had two exams this week and this will be my second essay that’s due this week.

I wish university was like my bedroom. That is, I wish I could put off doing any work until a later date. But, unlike university, I don’t have a due date to pick up these clothes. Damn.

So I’ll just wallow in self pity for a bit (feel free to join me, I have chocolate) and continue procrastinating on this essay. I mean, it’d be a little better if I had something written, but I spent my whole week studying for my two exams and writing my other essay, that I nearly forgot about this one. I could’ve started it last week but, come one, who does. Last essay we had for this class I wrote the night before and got 85% so I think I’ll be okay. I think, also, once I actually get over myself enough to start writing, then it should start rolling along and take no time to finish. But that will require me to stop fooling around on my blog, stop thinking about NaNoWriMo for the next few hours and try to focus. Possible? I think not.

See, this small chunk of time I spend writing this post, I guess I could actually be starting this essay, but the day that I don’t write a post is the day I’ll have nothing to live for (except for Christmas; I can always live for presents).

On the bright side, my mom just made cinnamon buns, bread and regular bread so I’ve been watering at the mouth since I’ve gotten home. They’re all delicious by the way, so please, be jealous. My brother is coming home tonight for the rest of the weekend. He lives in a city called Medicine Hat, which is in Alberta. It’s about a five hour drive from here, but he should be home pretty soon. He’s bringing his dog, a little tiny cutie pie Chihuahua (can you tell I’m a sucker for animals?). Just to share how adorable he really is, here is a picture of the little rat:

Isn’t he so cute? For any wondering, his name is Ranger and, yes, he is a pure-breed (even though he’s not tan).

My mom is also amazing because she is now making sweet and sour meatballs (my favourite!) with mashed potatoes (my other favourite). Now I know why I still live at home. So, despite not having started this essay, despite probably not going to have time to work on NaNoWriMo and despite there being a blizzard warning, it’s a fairly good day. So, for my fellow NaNoers: keep writing. To everyone else: I can’t believe you’re not doing NaNo!

Did you think I was done? Well, I’m not. So don’t try and go anywhere. I don’t have another story or part of a story to share, so don’t be expecting that either. It’s been so hectic lately that I’m just like a chicken with my head cut off. I’m actually just waiting for the moment when I’ll just drop down dead from all the stress of this week. It’s bound to happen.

I really can’t think of any parallels to draw between what I’ve been saying and what I’m going to say, so I won’t bother with trying to integrate it nicely into the post. Actually, I won’t even talk about it at all, because I really should start that essay.

Thanks for reading,

Till Next,


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10 thoughts on “Day 8: Sorry NaNoWriMo, But Apparently My Life Can’t Wait

  1. There's a frog on my Sprocket!

    Ranger is a the man..mmmm well actually the dog but you follow me.
    Is he named after the Scotish futbol team? Humor me and say yes… Okay really you can tell me = )

    • Yes, he is named after the Scottish football team…..not really! I’m not sure why is named Ranger. My brother named him. He always says “Ranger in a Manger, because he’s cute as baby Jesus”. So that’s the story behind that haha Thanks for the fun comment! 🙂

  2. jaywcarmichael2

    I love the analogy that university should be like a bedroom. I thought that was really clever. Keep writing, even if it is uni essays. I know your pain.

    • Well if I let my essays and homework pile up as much as all the clothes and books on my floor…..we’d be in some serious trouble! Thanks for reading! 🙂

  3. That is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen. Were his parents’ coats like his? As for NaNo. I’ve been trying to write my novel and I don’t have to study for exams, or even go to work, and I can’t manage to make 1000 words a day. Of course yesterday my car broke down, so I guess that’s just life asking to be paid attention to.

    • I believe both his parents were tan coloured. There were seven or eight in the litter, and only him and his sister weren’t tan. There’s a specific name for his coat colour, but I forget it! Well, sometimes life just gets in the way even if it seems like you don’t have a lot to do. So, keep writing and thanks for reading.

  4. Oh poor you, haven’t written much myself, still under 10K, good luck with your studies!

    • Oh good you decided to join the pity train with me! 🙂 haha but thanks for commenting! And good luck with you’re NaNo. You’re not very far behind. Keep writing! And thanks for reading! 🙂

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