Day 7: Sorry Life, But I’m Busy With NaNoWriMo

Well it’s Wednesday again. Happy Hump Day, as they like to say. I wonder where that term came from. I know that it’s an encouraging term to let people know that they’re ‘over the hump’ of the work week. That means, for any of you with minds like me, it is not a day of naughtiness. Frankly, that would just be a little weird.

Well before I get too excited talking about this, I should probably change subjects. Better yet, why don’t I just re-start this post. Well, thanks for reading the prologue of my post.

This is the official beginning of the post “Day 7: Sorry Life, But I’m Busy With NaNoWriMo”.

Well, it’s Wednesday again. Happy Halfway Through The Work Week Day, as no one says. I don’t have to wonder where that term came from because I just made it up. It’s actually just a sad reminder that there is still half a week of work/school left. And frankly, it means nothing for me because I work weekends. That just sucks.

Wednesdays, however, do not suck because it means I get to share with you another chunk of my novel Perspective. It’s posted on this page here, so please don’t forget to visit that page and read my novel, which is called Perspective. Did you get all that?

So, we’re already one week into NaNoWriMo, which is going far too fast as it always does. I find myself reflecting on the first week of NaNo 2012, and it’s been a little crazy (of course, you’d have already known just how crazy it has been if you’d read this and this). I’ve had some great progress in NaNo. I’m already at 14,000 words (technically it’s 13,998, but what’s two words?) in my new story What If It All Means Something. I wrote 12,000 words in the first three days which I decided not to use because I started a new novel halfway through Day 3. I’m not sure how I’ve managed to write so much (that’s a combined 26k!!!) because I’m usually behind in NaNoWriMo until the last week or so.

While all of these words are great, all that time spent writing means less time I spend doing anything else. Perhaps this evening I should focus my efforts on cleaning my room. What do you think?

On second thought, it looks like too big of a project, so I’ll just write instead.

How’s NaNo for everyone else? Got any fun stories about your NaNo journey so far? Anyone who makes me smile or laugh will be rewarded with the pleasure of knowing that you made me smile or laugh. What an honour for you.

Well I’m going to go now, but don’t think I’m going to clean this room. I’ll save it for a day when I actually have time (Christmas break?). Good luck with NaNo and, above all else, make sure you don’t forget to enjoy writing your novel this month. Don’t get caught up in stress of reaching that 50k deadline. If you don’t get it, it’s really okay. I’ll just make fun of you when I do. I should stop saying things like this. I’m really not trying to lower my follower count. Sometimes this stuff just comes out, like verbal diarrhea or something.

And on that wonderful image I leave you this evening.

Thanks for reading.

Till Next,


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6 thoughts on “Day 7: Sorry Life, But I’m Busy With NaNoWriMo

  1. There's a frog on my Sprocket!

    Awesome, absolutely awesome… If I lived close by I’d come clean it up for you so you could keep penning.
    Messy rooms is a writers poragitive. = )

    • Just so we’re clear, you’re not actually a stalker trying to get inside my bedroom, are you? haha Only kidding. Thanks for the offer, though. I wish someone would clean it for me…that would be the good life! Thanks for reading! 🙂

      • There's a frog on my Sprocket!

        Okay, I confess. It was a plot to get into your bedroom…
        Not for the reason you may be thinking however. I am simply after a closer look at you Star Wars memorabilia! = )

      • Nice save. Maybe I’ll have to do a future post with more pictures of all my stuff!! =D

  2. From all the millions you’ll be making off this novel, you can hire a cleaning lady. Until then, keep writing.

    • One day I will be published…but I’ll probably be just as poor then as I am now, By the way, your comment made my day haha

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