Star Wars Anyone?

With all this talk of George Lucas selling Lucasfilm to Disney and whatnot – I won’t get into specifics because I am HUGE Star Wars fan and we could be here all year as I write a novel about my opinion on Star Wars and Lucasfilm, and now Star Wars and Lucasfilm owned by Disney – I was thinking about some of the Star Wars stories I’ve written before. I’ve got a lot.

Many of them I wrote many years ago, when I was a very young child, so the quality of writing is, shall we say, less than perfect. Which is surprising coming from me, I know. So, since I haven’t posted anything in a while and I’ve been thinking about Star Wars a lot, I thought I’d share some, just in case there are some super Star Wars fans out there like me!

This first one I thought up after I watched Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith for the first time. I wanted to write about the birth of the Rebellion. This novel starts at the beginning of Episode III and was supposed to follow Bail Organa and Mon Mothma through the events of Episode III and afterward, leading to the Rebellion. This is as far as I got though, barely one page:





            General Grievous bowed before the flickering holo-image of Darth Sidious. “What is thy bidding, Lord Sidious?” Grievous craned his neck upwards so his organic eyes, nestled inside of his inorganic eye sockets, were lain upon Sidious.

“There will be a change of plans, General,” said Sidious.

Grievous was looking forward to this. “And what might this new plan be?” He wanted a change of plans. He was getting bored of just hunting down Jedi and helping out where he can.

“You are to sneak into the Galactic Capital known as Coruscant and capture the Supreme Chancellor,” said Sidious, what was showing of his face expressionless, as always. “Palpatine will be unsuspecting. Soon, the Sith will rule the Galaxy.”

“As you wish, Lord Sidious,” said Grievous bowing once again.

“Lord Tyranus will accompany you,” said Sidious. “It is his time.”

“For what?” Grievous wondered what was going on here. He was very curious about Count Dooku, and the special privileges he received from his Sith Master, Sidious.

“That will soon be revealed,” said Sidious. “You just need now worry about capturing the Supreme Chancellor.”

“Consider it already done, Lord Sidious,” said Grievous.

“Do not fail me,” said Sidious. The holo-image blinked away.

Grievous left the small room and returned to the command bridge of his command ship. “Signal the rest of the fleet,” he said as he sat down on the command chair. “Tell them to set course for Coruscant.”

“Roger, roger,” said a battle droid.

“Why for Coruscant?” This came from a Neimoidian. “We’ll be detected for sure!”

“We have a job to do,” said Grievous. “You must follow your orders, and they will be given by me!”

“Yes,” said the Neimoidian. He cringed down and ran away, back to console.

“We’re breaking orbit now,” said a droid.

“Good,” said Grievous. “You will soon be mine, Palpatine!” He clenched his six-fingered fist. If it was possible-if the metal on his head and face allowed-he would have smiled.



            Nute Gunray walked off the Separatist Shuttle, Rune Haako and Daulty Dofine trailing closely behind. The Sinkhole city on Utapau was a perfect place to hide. The Separatist Council had been relocated to Utapau, to stay hidden from the Republic. Count Dooku greeted three of them.

“Welcome, Viceroy,” said Dooku. “The Separatist Council is waiting for you.”

“For me?” asked Gunray.

“You and General Grievous,” said Dooku.

“The General is coming here?” Gunray was worried.

“Actually,” noted Dooku as a shuttle touched down beside the other. “He is here.”

The boarding ramp lowered down and Grievous stalked off. “Where is the Council?” Grievous, hunched over, looked at Dooku.

“This way, General,” said Dooku, turning around. He began to walk.

They soon came to a large room, with several battle droids. There was a half-circle-table at the far end of the room. The Separatist Council was seated around it.

“General Grievous,” said San Mill. “An unexpected surprise.”

“Count Dooku and I,” began Grievous as the three Neimoidians sat down, “will be going to Coruscant for a  short time. Wait for me here.”

“Why must you go to Coruscant?” asked Wat Tambor.

“I was ordered to capture the Supreme Chancellor,” said Grievous.

“Palpatine will be heavily guarded,” pointed out Nute Gunray.

If able, Grievous would’ve smiled. “That is why we go in force.”

“Why would Darth Sidious want Palpatine?” asked Dooku. Unlike Grievous, he was one of the only ones who knew that Sidious was, indeed, Palpatine.

“Lord Sidious believes that if Palpatine is captured, the Republic will fall,” said Grievous, flinging his cape in front of him so that it was all the way around his body, leaving only his wicked head visible. “We should leave now, Count.”

“How long shall you be gone?” asked Shu Mai. “Who will be in charge of the Council while none of you are here?”

“We will be gone only shortly,” said Grievous. “And like I said, you shall await my return here.”

“So then the Republic will fall today?” Archduke Poggle the Lesser asked in his own tongue.

“That is the plan,” said Dooku.

“What happens if you fail?” asked San Mill.

“Oh,” said Dooku, with a confidence unmatched by the others. “We will not fail. Lord Sidious has assured me of that.”

Grievous turned and strode back to the shuttle, the Count following quickly.

There have been a few times when I loved a particular comic so much I wanted to write a novel based on the comic. For any of the super fans out there, see if you can place which comic this little snippet was based on:

            “That is the last of them.” The voice was grizzly and old. “The Royal Guard.” It was clear the unseen speaker was talking about the crimson robed guard standing by the doorway to the huge hall. He bore a tall staff and a crimson helmet, complete with a black visor through which he could see. “The finest soldiers the Empire has to offer.” The guard stood against a stone wall, leading to a doorway to a hall of stone. He was protecting those inside of the bright ballroom. “But now to a different sort of Imperial Agent,” the voice concluded.

The room was packed with people of all planets within the Empire – though only humans, favored by the Emperor, were present. Away from the rest stood a beautiful woman with orange hair done up in a bun at the back of her head. She had cement colored earrings, and a left shoulder patch to match. She wore long, blue gloves, that came up to her elbows, matching her blue dress, which flowed whenever she walked. She held a gold, clear cup, filled with a bubbly liquid.

“I see nothing special about her,” a second voice joined in. This one, though, considerably deeper, and sounded, almost as if it was being spoken into cupped hands. Like the first voice, it had a chilling effect. A deep, electronic-like breathing followed the second voice.

“Patience, my friend,” the first, crackling voice replied. “Patience.”

The woman stood with her back to a balcony. A man entered. She turned her head to see. Finally-our host makes his appearance, she thought. The great and glorious Moff Tarkin himself. And from the look of it, he won’t be going anywhere for a while. She moved towards the exit where two Imperial officers stood. This is my chance.

“She appears to be very young,” the second, deeper voiced noted. Again came the breathing.

“Age in itself is irrelevant,” the first voice countered. “It is ability that matters.”
The woman stepped up to the guard. “I don’t feel well, Guard,” she said in her

most seductive and flattering way. “Where may I go lay down?” She tried to sound convincing.

“The server outside will show you to a room, Countess,” the guard solemnly answered, not moving from his stiff, erect posture.

“And as you see,” the first voice said, “she possesses a great many abilities.”


Well, that’s all I’ve got. If you want to leave a comment go ahead. If you want to know what comic I based this off of, ask and I’ll answer. Or, if you really are a fan, you should know this. It’s a VERY good comic. Top notch. Anyways, that’s me sharing a bit of my nerdiness with you. You didn’t know I liked Star Wars? Clearly you should see these then.

Yes, that is a Darth Vader cookie jar.

Just a few of my 130+ novels.

3D Puzzle Millennium Falcon. It’s big.

Figures, tins with watches inside, cups, etc. all above my bedroom window. Sorry for the slant.

1 of 2 shelves in my LEGO Star Wars collection. That Super Star Destroyer at the top is four feet long.

And all of this stuff isn’t even the half of it! This is probably why I have no money and paying for school seems so hard….

Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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