Day 4: It’s Official, I’ve Gone Mad

I say ‘it’s official’ because, even though I think that everyone else already knew that I was crazy, I’ve finally just admitted it to myself. I mean, on a general level, anyone who takes on NaNoWriMo once is a little batty, so someone, like me, who returns for not just a second or third go, but a seventh, has to be a little higher up on the wonky scale. Can a person really love to write so much that they’ll put themselves through this for 1/12 of a year, every year? The answer: yes! And, as crazy as I am for doing NaNoWriMo, I’d be crazier if I didn’t.

But that’s not not why I’ve gone mad. I can deal with a little NaNo-season craziness. It’s the same as Christmas – that frantic last few days when you realize you haven’t bought any presents. So that’s no big deal. However, something rather major went down yesterday. I had a realization, a revelation, an epiphany, a – need I go on?

That little, teeny tiny realization of mine was that while I had a high word count for NaNo, I really wasn’t enjoying writing it as much as I have in each of my six previous years. Usually I have fun doing NaNo, so something was wrong this year. Yesterday, I realized what was wrong. Since I’ve started editing What If It All Means Something (which I started writing last year), it’s been on my mind so much. All I’ve been wanting to do is write that instead of Demonira: The Hunt. So, I talked with some friends and some fellow NaNo buddies and they all said the same thing: “NaNo is about having fun, so if you’re not having fun, you should switch your novel.”

Naturally I agreed, but there was another kink in the hose. I started this novel last year. I only have like a dozen or so pages written, but it’s still started. Then lightning struck. Oh my God, if I can re-start NaNo on Day 3, why can’t I re-start What If It All Means Something, too?

So, last night I read over what I had in What If It All Means Something just for some background info and then I started writing. So we’ll see how this goes. And, after NaNo, if I like what I wrote last year better than the first twelve pages I’m writing this year for NaNo, I can just discard what I write in November and put back in what I wrote last year. But, for now, I’m re-starting the story and maybe I’ll get some new inspiration and it’ll work out for the better. I hope so because I’m feeling a little insane right now. I’ve never done this before with NaNo so I hope it works out for the better.

Mostly, I just still want to be able to reach 50k with What If It All Means Something. I was told that I would be able to still keep the 12k I’ve already written in The Hunt but I don’t think I want to because then it’s like two unfinished novels that win me NaNo, and not just one. So, I was only 3 days behind so hopefully I can squeeze out 5,000 words right off the bat here and get back on schedule for NaNo.

considered re-starting before because I thought my novel sucked, but with NaNo, I think most peoples’ novels aren’t their finest work (until editing), so I’ve decided to stick with it. This year, though, I’ve had the feeling that I should have done this from the start. That is, I should thought of re-starting What If It All Means Something for NaNo, because for a few months now I’ve been wanting to write this story for NaNo. I guess this is what for changing my mind, damnit. And here I thought I lived in country where everything would be okay if I did that.

I figure I should be okay, though, because I already have 12,000 words in The Hunt, so I can try out What If It All Means Something for a few days and if it’s not going to work I can switch back to The Hunt and not have to worry about being behind. Yikes, my head will explode just thinking about this.

Well, enough of my ranting. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else before? Ever considered re-starting but kept going (like I’ve done previous years)? Or, like me this year, have you ever re-started? What’s your advice on this?

Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “Day 4: It’s Official, I’ve Gone Mad

  1. funny, yes crazy but it does get the creative thoughts flowing. Good luck

  2. Have fun with what you’re doing. It’s not like you actually win a prize for writing the 50,000 words this month. At least that’s what I’ve told myself over the past two days when I didn’t get to write. I really don’t think it matters if you spread the words written during NaNo over five books. As long as the words you write are yours. Good luck.:)

    • They have to my words? Damn… just kidding. And, yeah, you don’t win a prize, but you do win bragging rights. And I’m kind of vain so I love bragging rights. I want to make this year 7 for 7 haha but if I don’t make it, that’s really OKAY. I’ll just never do NaNo again… Now I’ll try and be serious, which is a bit of a challenge for me, I talked with my ML and she said I can still use my 12,000 words so that will help me. Because looking at this week I may not have much time to write, so I’m going to need all the words I can get! Thanks for reading! Good luck to you, too! If you’re having trouble writing, I made a post about 7 tips for NaNoWriMo that might help…on second thought, they’ll be no help at all…but good for a laugh! Thanks again

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