Perspective – Chapters 5, 6 & 7

Just like the title suggests, I’ve posted Chapters 5, 6 and 7 of Perspective. If you’ve been reading it so far, you don’t want to miss this next bit. Coming from the author, with a completely biased opinion, there’s some juicy stuff. Plus, a major plot advancement as the mystery of where the characters are is unraveled. But, don’t get too excited. Sure, it’s a significant reveal, but there’s just more mystery underneath. I hope I’m keeping all my readers in suspense – that is my intentions – and I hope you enjoy this next little bit of Perspective. Especially since it’s Halloween, and anything related to suspense, horror and/or supernatural is always better on Halloween.

If you missed last post, I go into my thoughts on Halloween more. If you’re interested, check it out, because I’m too lazy to re-type what I just typed a few hours ago – although, technically, it was yesterday.

Also, for Halloween, I’ll be posting a short story sometime today. It’s a gem I dug up from way back in Grade 8, so don’t expect anything spectacular, but it should still be fun – just the idea of posting it is fun, not the story. It is a horror story, meant to scare you!

Well, seeing as I linked you to another page in my blog hoping you’ll visit it, encouraged you read Perspective, found a way to integrate a past post into this post so as to make you want to check that post out and shamelessly promoted a future post so you’ll want to come back and read it, I think I’m done for the evening. Technically, it’s the very early morning, but who’s really keeping track.

So, thanks for reading. Happy Halloween.

Till Next,


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