What If It All Means Something – Part 3

If you can’t figure out what this blog post is going to be, maybe you’re not worth my time explaining it to. Just kidding. Not really, but I just say that to soften the blow…

So, I have for you all part 3 of What If It All Means Something. Isn’t that exciting? Do you think Darren and Laura are going to hit it off and have this spectacular romance? You better read this then! No excuses. I spent time writing this (granted, this section was written over a year ago, but that doesn’t matter) and editing it to make it perfect – although I can guarantee there will be at least one mistake. It’s just going to happen. Sorry, but if you didn’t know, I’m not perfect. Maybe I’m a little more perfect than some…..I’m just not going to finish that sentence and move on. Something I’m very good at because I always have random crap to talk about. Even if it doesn’t make sense, I’ll just pretend that it does for sanity’s sake.

So I hope everyone had a good Sunday. I worked, went to martial arts class and now I’m home sitting in a mountain of homework that is not getting done. Hmmm….wonder why?

Really, the ‘mountain’ is just a math assignment due tomorrow and several books I need to start reading for an essay due in a week, as well as studying for a French test this Tuesday. So I think I’m okay. Will definitely have to finish that math assignment after I write this post. Did I say finish? Yeah, I meant start.

Anyways, I just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone who’s been commenting. It’s really been awesome. My blog got so many comments today. 🙂 And to all my followers, God knows why you do it, but thanks for reading and following. It’s really awesome to see my follows and views grow each day. I guess I’m doing something right.

Well, did I spew enough BS for you? That should cover my mandatory introduction to the beef of this post.

Here it is, folks. Try to contain your excitement.

What If It All Means Something – Part 3

“Darren,” I told her as I was fixed on her smile. The curve of her humble mouth was…different than most girls. Laura was very unassuming. I think, even from this small talk, Laura would be the kind of girl mom would want me to meet. I guess that’s why it’s so hard for me to decide how I thought about her. Was she cool, or fun? I don’t know. It’s like a ‘take it or leave it’ situation. Right now she’s about as close to a friend as I have in this town, so I guess I better take ‘it’ before ‘it’ leaves me.

“Class starts pretty quick,” Laura said, glancing at her watch. She looked back at me through the lenses of her ordinary glasses. “What class do you have first?”

“Chemistry.” I spent a small portion of last night memorizing my schedule. I didn’t want to look like a dork carrying around my ‘timetable’. I just hope I can find the classrooms because I didn’t want be even dorkier carrying around a stupid map of the place, which is why I opted not to grab one at registration. Not even the freshies were grabbing maps.

“Oh, me too,” she said. There was that smile again. “I guess I can show you where the class is then.”

“How do you know we’ll have the same teacher and class?” I asked what I thought was a legit question.

Laura laughed, a delicate, quiet laugh that was almost cute. “There’s only one chemistry teacher at Gold Beach. Mr. Bins is kind of off his rocker, just to warn you.”

“Whatever,” I said. What sounded cool around my old friends back in Washington just sounded stupid around Laura. “Not like I care that much about the class.”

“Oh,” she said through parsed lips. Apparently she didn’t like my attitude. Now I remember why I didn’t like girls like Laura – they act just like my damn mother. “Well, should we head to class?” she asked me after a few seconds of awkward silence.

I sighed. I didn’t want to go to class. I felt like I had no summer, now this garbage all over again? Screw this. “Yeah, might as well get this bullshit over with.”

I followed Laura up the stone steps, through the front doors and into what proved to be the next circle of the hell that was my life.

Chemistry class was a drag. Mr. Brody looked a nerd, acted like a moron and tried to be funny but it was really, really lame. I was sure glad to get out of that class. Especially since Laura wouldn’t even speak to me in class. I’d try and tell her something or make a joke about the ridiculous teacher, and she would tell me to be quiet. Laura had calculus next, so thank God I had history. It was nice to sit at the back of the room this time, where I could much easier pull off not paying attention.

The desk in front of me as well as the one to my right were empty, and remained so even as class started. Not really much opportunity to make friends, nor jokes about the teacher. That changed when two guys walked into room and started heading for the empty desks around me. They were the only two empty desks that were relatively close together and so, naturally, the friends wanted to sit together. Before they got to their seats, though, Mr. Brody stopped his “Introduction to History” speech to call on the guys.

“Mister Daniels. Mister Redfield.” Mr. Brody was clearly unimpressed. “First day of class and you’re late? That’s a bad habit starting too soon.” He smelt the air in the room, and he looked even less impressed than before. “Speaking of bad habits, smells like you were out polluting your lungs.” The two students slid into the two desks by me, smirks on their faces. A couple other students around the room giggled.

“Is this funny, Mister Daniels?” he asked the taller of the two.

“No, Sir.” There was the slightest hint of sarcasm in his voice and several more snickers followed.

Mr. Brody’s genial face did a drastic one-eighty and he now looked positively inflamed. “Do I really have to tell you how bad that stuff is for your body? It’s revolting, unattractive and anything but ‘cool’.” He paused for a moment and the emotions on his face settled down a little. “I cannot, however, force you to stop this ridiculous habit, but I am telling you now it is no excuse for being late to my class. Are we understood?” The two guys nodded, but their facial expressions showed just what they were actually thinking.

“What a doosh,” Daniels said to his friend. He was sitting in front of me and when he turned to glance at his friend, he seemed to notice me for the first time. “Well, what do we have here?” he raised his eyebrows at his friend who started to laugh silently.

“I’m Darren,” I said, not sure what else to say.

“Alex. Alex Daniels.” He nodded to the other guy. “That’s John.”

“So, you new in town, Darren?” John asked me. What a stupid question, because he clearly knew the answer.

“How could you tell?” I said back as I realized that these guys were part of the group hanging out in the parking lot before school. Maybe I could finally meet some like-minded friends.

“Kay, so we knew you weren’t from around here,” Alex said. “But we didn’t know you were so desperate for friends.” His chiseled cheeks, practically perfect jaw and dark eyes seemed to dig at me, as if he was examining and taunting me for the few seconds before he turned back to face the front of the classroom.

“Yeah,” John whispered through small lips. He had almost grey coloured eyes, blonde hair and a blasé expression on his handsome face. No wonder they have such hot girls hanging around them. “We saw you talking to the ‘Librarian’.” John’s whispered voice snapped me back to the classroom, stopping my mind from wandering, as it often did.

“What the hell are you talking about? What are you smoking?” Were these guys just screwing with me? I didn’t go to the Library. Why would I ever go to the Library? Me and books don’t really go.

“Laura,” Alex whispered out the side of his mouth. Mr. Brody was too entranced in his own lecture he didn’t even notice us talking, which was good. I liked stupid, oblivious teachers.

“She seems alright,” I said, instantly regretting it. I got the feeling that wasn’t the response they wanted.

“Alright?” John said, sneering a little louder than expected and Mr. Brody pointed a finger at him.

“Do you have something to add, Mister Redfield?”

“Nothing you won’t cover exceptionally better than I ever could,” John responded, garnering a few more snickers. Mr. Brody pretended the remark wasn’t meant as an insult.

“Yeah man,” Alex was saying to me. “Laura’s like a freakin’ geek. She’s into books and studying and all that shit. That’s why we call her the ‘Librarian’. That, and she’s got like no friends.”

John laughed, sure to keep his volume on low. “You look like the kind of guy who likes to have fun.” He paused for a moment and I felt his eyes on me, examining me like Alex had. He gave a nod to Alex, and the continued. “Laura’s idea of fun is a night in studying. She probably wouldn’t know a beer or cigarette if it hit her in the face.”

“No shit man,” Alex affirmed. “But that’s where we come in. We’re here for you, bro.”

I think I like these guys. They remind me a lot of a couple friends I had back in Washington. Man, I really miss those guys. We had some good times.

“Why don’t you have lunch with us today, since you’re such a cool guy?” A smile was raised on half of John’s face as he waited for my response.

“Why not,” I said. “Not like I have anything better to do.” It took them a few seconds to realize I was joking, and they both chuckled.

I watched the back of Alex’s head nod up and down. He didn’t turn around when he said to me: “I think we’re gonna get along just fine, man.”

Not The End

Not bad, eh? (Gotta throw that little something in for all of my Canadian readers).

Please let me know what you thought. I gladly encourage positive as well as negative feedback. It’s great because I have the power to delete any negative comments…. I mean, it’s wrong to do that.

But, seriously, I’ll approve any comment of feedback so don’t feel shy. I’ll just cyber egg your blog or website (if that’s even possible). That’s about all I’ve got. Thanks for reading.

Till Next,


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