In Case You Wanted To Know…

In case you were wondering who is behind this slightly crazy blog, here is a picture of me in all my glory:

So that’s me. I took this picture this afternoon, just for you. So, feel free to stare as long as you like……..

Yes, you have a lot to be jealous of. My bookshelf, my books, my good looks….but I’m not narcissistic at all.

Anyways, on a serious note (yeah right), I’ve got a couple things you can look forward to this weekend. God knows why you give a damn, but apparently you do, so I’ve got another piece of writing I’ll be posting this weekend, as well as Part 3 of What If It All Means Something for those of who come here to actually read something, not just listen to me make a fool of myself. Anyways, that’s my little ‘Coming Attractions’ spiel. Okay, so it wasn’t very captivating, but you’re still reading so it can’t have been total garbage.

Well, it’s the weekend! I love the weekend. It’s my chance to pull myself away from my studies and have real human interaction. Tonight I’m going to watch some horror movies with my girlfriend. I hope they’re actually scary, though, because most of the crap I’ve seen are just that, crap! Sad excuses for horror movies. There’s a few gems out there (Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Others, Silence of the Lambs) but not many do it for me. I’d love to believe in ghosts, but crappy crap crap movies like Insidious, Quarantine and Poltergeist are just really not worth the watch. One Halloween movie to watch, though, is Hocus Pocus. It’s such a fun movie, and it has Bette Midler who is outrageously funny.

What are my plans tomorrow, you ask? Well apart from working eight long, arduous and stressful hours (feel sorry for me?), I’m going to game out with my two best friends. It’s what we do almost every weekend. By this point in time, I figure my life is pretty much just like The Big Bang Theory, and I’ve accepted I’m never going to grow out of it.

That being said, it’s time to get the weekend started. But, before I do, a question: Do you have a favourite horror movie? Halloween movie? Let me know if you know of any really good and really scary movies, because I love horror movies…just most of them suck! I want to find some good ones!

Well, thanks for reading.

Till Next,


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14 thoughts on “In Case You Wanted To Know…

  1. I not only have some favorite Halloween movies, but I made a list on my blog (shameless plug is shameless) πŸ™‚

    For me, a lot of the modern horror genre tends to lean more towards disturbing or shocking instead of scary or terrifying. The ones that scare by are not the ones that disgust me.

    • Hey at least you can admit it’s a shameless plug. Everyone’s gotta draw attention to their blog somehow! haha Thanks for stopping by and, great list!

  2. “Hocus Pocus” is brilliant indeed. My daughter and I watch it even when it’s not Halloween.

    Seeing your Millennium Falcon makes me wish I hadn’t gotten rid of the one I had when I was 9 years old…a long, long time ago.

    • I’ve just never grew out of being a nerd, yet, so I still have everything I had as a kid, too. Plus, I’ve bought a lot of stuff for the specific reason of showing it off on shelves like these!

      • I did grow out of my nerdiness in my early 20’s, if only because being nerdy was not fashionable nor trendy.

        So I’m a slave for trends…sue me.

    • At this point, growing out of my nerdiness would just be too much work.,,,I’ve got so much crap EVERYWHERE! This bookshelf is just one wall of my room…. So if I ever decided I didn’t want this stuff, it would take so long to move haha

  3. safarigirl

    Hi Will, great shot, thanks for posting — I like it. I like that you are writing. I find it easy to think about writing and sometimes hard to do it. Keep going. And thanks for following my blog!

    • Thanks for the kind words! It’s really encouraging. On a side note, I only follow REALLY good blogs (I’m not sucking up at all). As for writing, it’s something I love to do, I do do almost every day, but I can relate with thinking about writing and nothing comes out. I have a lot of stories I want to write, but when I try I just can’t…so I try something else haha thanks for reading.

  4. There's a frog on my Sprocket!

    I love your library… And of course your shamelessly cute smile.. Which by the way it’s not fair to post something so amazing..
    Also, is that the Millennium Falcon….
    Great blog = )

    • Yes that is the Millennium Falcon…accompanied by 100+ Star Wars books, just in case you needed to know. I have a post called “What’s On Your Bookshelf” which shows the extent of my ‘library’! It’s floor to ceiling and wall to wall, and I would be jealous too! πŸ™‚ On a serious note, thanks for the compliments/comments and thanks for reading.

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