Broken Picture Frames (A Poem)

I was trying to decide what to post but I don’t have a lot of time right now to edit through any stories (which should be coming sometime this weekend) and I just posted What If It All Means Something – Part 2 so I need another day or so to get organized and edit Part 3, so I figured I’d do what I always do when I don’t know what to post. It’s poetry time.

Whenever I either A) don’t have time to get something ready to post or B) don’t have anything to post, I turn to poems. I have a bunch and, in most cases, they don’t need any editing so they are nice and easy. I consider them to be like the ‘quickies’ of the blog world (so then does that make a full story an orgy?).

I’m trying to think of something else witty to say, but no lightning bolt of inspiration is hitting me. So I’ll just get to the poem! Thanks for reading.

Broken Picture Frames


Broken picture frames and unending wires

Torn and frayed again in tinsel fires

Ripped up in fear are my seams

Standing here in unhealthy dreams

Jagged cut-outs of my scrapbook

Faded half-pictures not worth a look

Comfortable sadness ready to yearn

Scratchy happiness reluctant to learn

Rapture in ribbons lost in reverence

Breathing forgiven found in vigilance

Reaching for healing and all the hate

Protest the dealing nullifying late

Infections can be black and white

Dallying in the gullies of night

Billowy essence fooled for

Dungeon ready forever more

Till Next,


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4 thoughts on “Broken Picture Frames (A Poem)

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