Advice From Mommy & Daddy

I don’t have another piece of writing ready to post – I just posted three chapters of Perspective for God’s sake and editing stories can take a while – so this is going to be a bit of a different post. I thought maybe I would introduce you a little bit more to my parents with this short list of things they’ve said to me throughout my life.

Mom: Liars go to hell. (She used to tell me this when I lied to her as a kid, and it got me so freaked out that I’d immediately tell the truth).

Dad: Do I have to go to your Graduation? It’s going to be SO boring.

Mom: Don’t be a moron. I’ve already got one for a husband, I don’t need one for a son.

Dad: Never get married.

Mom: Whoever said money can’t buy happiness is sadly mistaken.

Dad: If you ever get married, don’t let your wife watch The Shopping Channel.

Mom: Don’t ever get your hopes up for anything because life sucks and then you die.

Dad: You want me to read your new story? I wonder what movie you stole from this time…

Mom: Writers don’t make enough money to live. But, if you want to be a professional writer, that’s okay. You can always sell drugs on the side.

This is why I think my parents are hilarious, yet very strange – now I know where I get it from. Well I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed reminiscing about it.

Are your parents crazy too? Share something ridiculous that they’ve told you.

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9 thoughts on “Advice From Mommy & Daddy

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  5. My husband and I are the crazy parents you speak of. We told our oldest daughter (in her second year of college now) not to bring home any guy that does not think Nacho Libre is funny. She’s 0 for 1 so far and losing interest in him fast. We tried to tell her…

  6. What a coincidence! I’m in my second year and I LOVE Nacho Libre….
    That’s funny because my parents told me something similar with my girlfriend, except they asked if she liked Star Trek and when I said no, they were like: “I don’t think it’s gonna work. You may as well dump her now so you don’t have throw away a year or two of your life.”
    I’m glad there are other parents out there like mine, because, despite all their craziness, they’re really quite funny.

    • So many great lines in Nacho Libre… we’re constantly quoting them to each other. How can anyone not love ‘poopies’ and ‘stretchy pants’? I wonder what this says about us and our families? Sounds like something to explore in a blog post..

      • Haha I totally agree! That would be very interesting….and most likely hilarious. And if we found each other, there’s gotta be some more out there like us who would find it just as funny. ‘Stretchy Pants’ is mine and my sister’s FAVOURITE line from that movie haha we say it ALL THE TIME haha

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