‘Tis The Season For Horror

As this title suggests, I’ve got a thing or two to say about horror stories, since Halloween is like a week and a day away. I’ve dabbled in writing horror and suspense – I really love the word ‘dabble’. I’ve only attempted horror stories a couple of times, but it’s rather fun to stretch the boundaries. You have to try everything at least once. Well, maybe not EVERYTHING. I don’t think I’ll ever be in the mood for erotica. It’s really funny, too, because most people who read erotica are bent on telling people: “No, it’s a romance novel.” Yeah, no! There’s a big difference between romance and erotica. Just to let you know. So, if there’s any horny bastards out there, sorry but you’ll find none of that in my writing. But, if you read my previous blog posts, you’ll find some disturbing gems for stories that I’m not sure what possessed me to post. Okay, good, I said ‘possessed’, so now I can segue back into what I wanted to talk about.

So, yes, I have tried horror a few times. Actually, I’d like to think that Perspective – which I’m posting by the chapter every Wednesday on this blog – is sort of a suspense novel. At least, I’ve tried to make it that way. Not sure how well it is. Anyways, Halloween is definitely the time for horror. All the new Horror films will be coming out around this time (well not ALL but a LOT). The Walking Dead TV show started its third season a week ago Sunday. Now that’s an awesome show (and comic, too, if you were interested in a good read). It’s about zombies. Not really scary – well my mom gets nightmares, and my girlfriend won’t watch it – but I think it’s great. I love it.

Basically, every Halloween I start to think about different horror stories and what would be a good idea for one. I just love horror in general, and thinking about ghosts, demons, whatever, etc. is fascinating for me. A few occasions I’ve tried to write straight up horror and I’ve discovered something about myself in the process. Two things actually. 1) I really love writing horror stories and 2) I really suck at writing horror stories. It’s depressing.

I do have one short story which is a sci-fi thriller more than a horror story which I think is descent but nothing exceptional. But I figured I have to show a bit of everything…you know, take me as I am or piss off. Thanks kind of my motto in life. Anyways, I have this story called Dark Sister, Dark Skye and I really like the concept behind the story and I like the characters and even the plot. It’s just my writing of all this is not very good. At least, that’s what I think. I try and make myself feel better by saying, “Well I did write it four years ago and I was only sixteen and I’ve developed into a much better writer since then.” It doesn’t seem to do much for me, though.

For the sake of not making this post too long, I’ll post the story in a separate post all of its own. Just for you.

I hope you enjoy it. Like I said, I like the concept, so maybe you will too. My mom read it and said it felt like a “terrible B movie”. I know she’s supposed to be encouraging, but at least she’s honest. My dad told me “it’s good…for you”. See what I have to deal with? It’s only fair that I make fun of them then. My dad told asked me one time to some chore or something and I forgot and he started bugging me the next day for forgetting. Told me I was “supposed to do it like eight weeks ago, c’mon man”. So I told him: “Well, dad, you were supposed to be a good parent, for the past nineteen years but that hasn’t worked out to well, has it.” I laughed, he laughed. Everyone’s happy. That’s just the relationship we have. It’s fricken sweet. I don’t actually mean any of that. If I did, I wouldn’t be living at home.

Anyways, I’m going to finish here. I will post that story. And if you think that one was bad, last year I dug up a gem – just a beauty – from my creative writing class in Grade 8. We had to write a scary story for Halloween, so I think I’m going to post that story on Halloween to commemorate it. Just for kicks.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I’ll be posting more to Perspective and hopefully by Thursday I’ll have edited the next bit of What If It All Means Something. Thanks for reading.

Till Next,


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