Setting – Part 1: Searching For Inspiration

I’ve been seriously thinking about what I’m going to write for NaNoWriMo this year – that is, National Novel Writing Month. If you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, then you clearly did not read this post of mine. How shameful of you. Either way, you can check out the NaNo website here. It’s a great place for writers to hang out on the web, but it’s really awesome to meet other people from your city or region too. Last year there were around 200,000 participants around the world, I believe.

Anyways, back to the important part of this post. The novel I want to write for NaNo is going to be part of my series, Demonria. It’s a fantasy series, taking place in a world I made up. I wrote three novels in this series already, but that was a few years ago. Reading them now, I’m not too happy with many things. So, instead of writing a fourth novel (seeing as the main character died at the end of book three anyway…) I’ve been thinking about incorporating elements from all three novels and re-writing the series from a new, fresh perspective. I’ve already considered new names for all the characters and places as well as a more complex plot and whatnot. One thing I really want to do is work more on the setting of the story, like locations and natural elements, that type of thing. I’ve been wanting to get more descriptive with the setting, so I’ve been trying to find some pictures that I can use as inspiration. Here are some that I took over the last few years, highlighting what I want certain places to look like.

So I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I hope they help me get the inspiration I need. I have a lot more, some I took and some I took off Google, that I’ve been trying to assign to various places (mountain ranges, forests, lakes, rivers, cities, towns and really, whatever else I need). I’ve got so many ideas in my head but I want to make sure I don’t rush anything and I want this to be the best story it can be. I have a really good feeling – even though I end up saying that about everything – that this novel could be the best I’ve written. I think in the three previous ones, I used the best characters I ever made. These were basically the first novels I’ve written that have serious character development, which is a big thing when you’re fourteen years old. I’m not fourteen anymore, but not much has changed in the past six years.

Anyways, I hope you check out NaNoWriMo, and any writers out there, I hope you sign up to give it a try. It’s a great way to make a writer actually focus on trying to write ‘that story you always wanted to but never got around to it’. At least, that’s how I feel about it. Personally, I can’t wait until November so that I can start writing this particular novel, which, as of now, remains untitled. Because trying to right a 50,000 word novel in thirty days is just what I need to take on when I’ve got four essays to write, several mid-terms and finals starting December 7th that I’ll need to prepare for. It’ll be just what I need to facilitate an abundance of procrastination. Some people do, though, work better under pressure…I’ve written my best essays at three in the morning the day the essay is due. It’s great fun. It’ll be a party.

There’s one other quick thing I want to say. The non-profit team that runs NaNo does a lot for writers around the world. Especially young writers in communities who cannot afford the luxury of materials to write, so you should consider making a small donation to them. It’s totally worth it. I’ve been part of the program for 6 years, so I know a lot about what they stand for and what they do for writers across the globe. It’s great. That being said, if you even have the slightest inkling to try NaNo, check it out. It’s great and 100% free to participate in. Besides, all the cool writer’s are doing it.

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6 thoughts on “Setting – Part 1: Searching For Inspiration

  1. Looks like you have a lot going. And you have to change your writing voice to suit different styles. Reminds me of when I was in grad school and started a writing project…a project that I have yet to finish and will probably rewrite like you. I’d sometimes forget my audience. Good luck to you. And happy inspiration! Just dive into the photos.

    • It’s nice to hear I’m not alone in not-finishing works. I always love starting, get half way through and writer’s block takes over and I’m stuck. But thanks for the comment and interest, and I am definitely diving right into the photos. I’ve been practicing describing scenery without it seeming like a list. Thanks again,

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