You (Don’t Be Presumptious – This Is A Poem)

I find that I’m not very consistent. I say one thing yesterday and now I’m already doing differently. And as for that list I mentioned sometime in a previous post – that list I made of things I want to post – well that hasn’t gone over too well. I made it to try and keep myself organized and to prepare things I’m going to post. Once I find something more exciting, though, I throw everything out the window.

I started this blog six days ago. Holy crap that’s almost a week. And I’ll have an anniversary present for you Monday! Right! Really, what I wanted to say was in the last week I’ve really been kickstarted to write even more and work on old projects I thought I’d never finish. Now that I have this blog called “What If It All Means Something”, it’s been making me want to get out that novel I was working on, of the same name. If you didn’t read my post “The Song“, you can get the full story behind what I’m talking about by following the link. Well, the novel is named after a song, but since I named the blog after the novel, I thought I should share some of it with you. I’ve been working on it faster than rabbits screw, so, naturally, I’ve been rather productive. Now that there’s something substantial, I can feel comfortable starting to post it (on a random basis) in small (probably fairly small) chunks. But I’m not posting that today. Tricked you. That’ll be up Monday, which is really tomorrow if you didn’t know. I want another day to edit out any major grammatical mistakes for the first little section. (Probably about 1000 words or so).

Anyways, now that I’m boring you with random crap about writing when you’d much rather read about me, I figure we could make this conversation much more interesting. (I just read this last sentence and I’m starting to wonder if I can say anything at all without it sounding like I’m trying to make a sexual innuendo or being just plain creepy). Now I lost my train of thought, and we’re all just stranded here by the tracks wondering the hell we’re supposed to do now. I suppose I could get to this poem I wanted to post, but where’s the fun in that?

Really, the only reason I’m going to post this poem is because I decided to hold off on posting a story until Monday so I need a filler for today (much the same as my “small talk” is now being used as filler for this post). Maybe I should just talk about this damn poem. It’s called You and it’s really rather different (well, I think my other poems have been different too). This one, though, I just think it’s kind of cute. I wrote it several years ago – when I was a youngin’, I know. I think I wrote it in Grade 10 or the summer just before. The funny thing is, though, is the poem is called You, but I really don’t have any idea who I wrote it about. Not a fricken clue. It’s about a girl, but when I wrote it I wasn’t writing about anyone in particular. I can’t even say it’s about my ‘dream girl’, because, as you’ll see, the girl is less than spectacular. I think I like it so much because it’s more realistic than some of these fantasy love situations we see in movies, books, etc. It is a realistic (sort of) portrayal of a two people who are quite ordinary, yet obviously in love with each other. It’s from the man’s view (obviously) as he points out various flaws he sees in his partner (those little annoyances, you know). He does this, sometimes, in a colourful, unique way we’ll say (you’ll see). The whole poem you get this sense of deliberation as he talks about this girl. But my favourite thing about it is the last four lines. To me this poem just makes sense. Be careful, though. There’s a lot that ‘just makes sense to me’, but makes sense should not be what is paid most attention to in that phrase. This poem is a love story, to a degree, but not like the sappy, perfect, happy ending garbage we see in movies. Sure that stuff is great (if you’re into chick flicks and romances – personally, I’d rather watch Star Wars), but I didn’t want to write another romance poem.

I guess I’ve overstayed this introduction, so I’ll just get down to it. Here’s You. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading.


You like expensive jewelry

And watching movies on the couch

You like the colour purple

But you don’t know when to shut your mouth

You ask questions like there’s no tomorrow

And you eat the answers for dinner

After you put me through all this trouble

I hope you find what you’re looking for

But for you that shouldn’t be hard

With all you know and see

Because you’re really a reincarnation

You can’t fool me

So I thank you for all your guidance

And I spite you and your wisdom

Yes I would like to dance

If that’s the shape of things to come

You are undeniable, irrefutable proof

That “no” isn’t a word in any dictionary

But you definitely give new meanings to

“Psychosis” and “insanity”


I know all about your mind-reading

And your need for subtle conversation

When it’s improbable you’re watching

Because I know you got x-ray vision

You’re known for all your eccentricities

But they’re not all that strange

You don’t like to be lonely

And you hunger for change

You know what’s wrong

And you know what’s right

You know how to carry on

And you sure know how to ruin a night

But I love you nonetheless

And I know you hold me dear

So just put on your purple dress and let’s

Get the hell out of here

Till Next,


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