The other day I posted a picture of my little dog, Bruce Wayne, and it kinda made my cat, Sheba, jealous. It’s only fair then, in the interest of impartiality, to now post a picture of Sheba so I can show her off too.

Oh look, I didn’t even realize Elsa (the black cat) was in the photo as well, until I had it already inserted in the post. She lives with my brother now, which is why I never even thought of including her in this post. But now that she’s here, let me show you another picture of these two adorable kitties together.

And you all probably think that they are so cute!

Well, here are two pictures that might make you change your minds.

That last one is rather attractive, don’t you think so? Cats are SO weird…

Well, hopefully that makes Sheba no longer jealous (probably embarrassed though). Pets can definitely be a lot of fun. They do keep a person entertained.

Speaking of keeping people entertained, I am currently editing a short story (it’s really like a collection of short stories) which I will start posting in a day or two. That’s about all I wanted to say and seeing as it’s Saturday and I’m going out with some friends, I’m going to end this post rather quickly. You probably have better things to do on a Saturday night than to read this, too. Unless you’re actually reading this blog for enjoyment. I guess, though, you could read it to laugh at and make fun of and that could still be enjoyment. So maybe you will read it tonight, or maybe you won’t. Either way, have a great weekend. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…or don’t do anything I would.

Till Next,


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