Here I Sit

As I sit here trying to recover from an evening full of studying and lying to myself that I’m prepared for my midterm tomorrow, I’m drinking tea from my Superman mug and trying to think about what I can share with you. The title of this post indicates there will be a photo, an anecdote and a poem. So basically, if this post had a table of contents you’d be able to see that it starts off with tea from a superman mug and will finish with a poem. But in between it gets interesting. My dog, chocolate pudding and a children’s story from my dad. If you can connect the dots, you’re doing a hell of a lot better than I am.

So, I’ll start with a photo because I promised one for every day.

Yes, this is my little dog named Bruce Wayne (you really don’t have any idea how much of a nerd I am). He’s a pure bred shih tzu and he’s really so ugly he’s cute. He’s four years old and still tiny (smaller than my cat). The sad part about this story is he hates me. He loves my parents and is the biggest momma’s boy and suck-up I have ever seen. And, my God, I swear he gets treated so much better than I ever did as a kid. He’s so spoiled and coddled, it’s pathetic. And I’m a little jealous. Must have been nice. At supper, he has his own chair at the table so he can see what’s going on…he’s got a football jersey…more toys than I ever had as a kid. Something is not RIGHT with this picture. But he’s too cute to be mad at, even though he hates me and runs away when I say his name. It’s depressing, I know, but I’ll move on.

But anyways, there’s my picture. Now that that’s out of the way, I can get back to where I started. Thinking about what to write in this post. I do a lot of thinking, not because I’m intelligent but only because it takes a while to process things. And, usually, at the end of the day I like to think about my day. But today wasn’t anything special, until my mom made chocolate pudding tonight which was delicious. It reminded me of why I love living at home (I’m only 19 so it’s still acceptable, don’t worry). The last time my mom made chocolate pudding was a long time ago, and while I was eating it I started thinking about my childhood. She used to makes us kids chocolate pudding all the time. And, when my whole family would sit around the table eating this pudding, my dad used to tell us stories. Except, they weren’t very conventional and they always involved us.

I started thinking about one in particular, which I think is hilarious. Basically, my sister was a princess of a great big castle, my brother was her little, annoying dog and I was a magic genie in the castle. Fairly standard so far…until my dad introduced my other brother as a traveling vacuum salesman. Now, this was a long time ago so I don’t remember much of the details, but somehow my brother (the dog) got sucked into the vacuum during a demonstration (my dad used to cover his mouth with one hand, making a mock-vacuum sound that was rather outrageous, and pretend his other hand was the vacuum). This already got us kids going, laughing and screaming and jumping and whatever else we shouldn’t have been doing right before bed time. Anyway, the story ends with yours truly, the genie, saving the dog and that’s all I remember.

I remember more of laughing at the story than the actual story, and what I laugh most about now – which wasn’t so funny back then – is when my mom started yelling at my dad for getting us all riled up right before bed. We didn’t know there was anything wrong with this (just like when my dad gave us marshmallows right before bed and all that sugar made us hyper and my mom had to yell at him then too), so we always thought our mom was being unfair and mean. This eventually lead to us comparing our parents to How the Grinch Stole Christmas; we saw my dad as the dog and my mom as the Grinch. But here I am off topic again.

So, I thought you might enjoy that story of my ridiculous father and really not so grinch-like mother. As long as I haven’t bored any of you to tears I think we’re okay. And now I’m really tired and should probably be getting to bed (don’t worry I didn’t eat any marshmallows).

Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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