Perspective – Chapter 1

Getting the handle of blogging: check!

Finding out good things to blog about: check!

Sharing your writing with others: check!

And now, starting your first serial novel: check!

I’m actually quite enjoying this and I don’t think posting something new every day or every other day will be too much of a challenge (unless of course my excitement dies down and the fun starts to go away – kind of like alcohol after you stop drinking for a few hours). But, on the other hand…I could use that same analogy in an opposite way. What if this blog is like alcohol and I get addicted…I’ll just keep coming back to write more, and more, and more! I’ll get drunk off the words…but then we’ll really have a problem. A bigger problem than I had when my Grade 2 teacher intercepted a note I tried to pass to a friend that was filled with all sorts of colourful words I don’t think I even understood. The good old days, you know. I loved elementary school because all the little ladies loves me. In Kindergarten, two girls started arguing over who was gonna marry me. By Grade 3 I was walking around the playground with two girls, one hanging off each of my arms! It was glorious…then I got to high school and I couldn’t get a date ever! You know…they all wanted to just be your “friend”, even though you knew they were trying to get a hook up with the quarterback. But I’m not bitter at all…and now I’m gonna try and conveniently change the subject to get to what I wanted to talk about along.

The first chapter of my novel “Perspective” is posted, interestingly enough on the page labelled “Perspective”, accessible at the top of this page, on the sidebar to the left or by this handy link I so graciously spent my time typing out for you. Appreciate it! It’s the simple pleasures we enjoy the most.

Well, thanks for reading.

Till Next,


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