Perspective – The Novel

So I have this novel sitting around – really just hanging out on my computer, which is where I do majority of my writing. It is called Perspective, and I have no major plans concerning it so I have decided to serialize it on this blog.  I will probably post one chapter every week..maybe a couple chapters a week. Look for Chapter 1 on Wednesday, October 17, and I will post new Chapters every Wednesday for the following 7 weeks, until November 28. Chapters will be posted on the page labelled ‘Perspective’; access available at the menu along the top or the menu on the side, or by this link:

And now, I finally think I’ve got this blog set up! Now that I’ve done all this introductory stuff and preliminary posts, I think I’ve got a feel for this thing. No more need for me to post 20 times a day! It’s been kind of exhausting and my homework for the evening has suffered…oh well, I had fun. So, I will try to post everyday a piece of writing, poetry or a story from my life, as well as a picture to go along with; or just a neat pic that inspires me.

Thanks for reading, thanks for making my first few posts enjoyable, and please check back tomorrow for a poem (called Messages) and the first chapter of my novel, Perspective.

Till Next,


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